Survey Study to Evaluate the “Curaçao is Dushi – Live it, Love it” Awareness Campaign

July 12, 2019

Willemstad – July 11, 2019 – Starting this week, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) will be conducting a survey on the “Curaçao is Dushi—Live it, Love it” awareness campaign. The survey will run for about three weeks. The “Curaçao is Dushi—Live it, Love it” awareness campaign was launched by the CTB in September of 2017 to raise awareness among the Curaçao population of how privileged they are to be living in Curaçao and be part of this community. The campaign, aimed at the community as a whole, inspires a sense of pride in the local culture, nature and history. The CTB will present the research findings November of this year.

In 2006 and 2014, the CTB carried out two separate surveys looking at local awareness, attitude and perception with regard to tourism development on Curaçao. In the 2006 survey, for instance, a relatively large section of the local population (68%) reported believing tourism to be very important for the Curaçao economy, while 63 percent reported that tourism is beneficial to the local community. The 2014 survey served to evaluate the then-running “Dushi Hende” (“Lovely People”) awareness campaign, which the CTB had been conducting over a period of two years. More than 70 percent (71.9%) of respondents reported knowing about the awareness campaign, while 63.6 percent reported being of the opinion that the campaign had positively contributed to the local community’s tourism-related behavior.

This time around, the CTB, together with the Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean (ICUC), is launching a new survey focusing on the newest awareness campaign: “Curaçao is Dushi—Live it, Love it”. This survey will provide the CTB with valuable information on the campaign, as well as on the local community’s perception and awareness of tourism development in Curaçao. The survey will be held among approximately 400 of the island’s residents distributed representatively across a number of neighborhoods. Interviewers working on this survey will all be carrying CTB credentials, their personal ID card and will be wearing a white T-shirt.

All respondents will participate in a raffle for four prizes sponsored by Eric’s ATV Adventures, Pelican Boat Trips, The Aloe Vera Plantation and Dinah Veeris’ Den Paradera Herb Garden. Confident in their support, the CTB wishes to thank the community of Curaçao in advance for their cooperation with this important survey. For more information, please contact the CTB office at 434-8200.

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