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Sponsorship Requests

Please be informed of the following!!!!!

Please take note that Curaçao Tourist Board will not be honoring any sponsorship requests up until July 2021. Due to Covid-19 situations we are being cautious with our spending. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


In order to qualify for sponsorship, please read below the CTB rules for sponsorship:

Petitions for sponsoring international events need to be submitted at least nine (9) months prior to the event taking place; the submission period for local events is at least six (6) months before the event.

All proposals are channeled to and evaluated by the CTB Event/Sponsorship Committee.

The CTB Sponsorship Committee will:

  • Consider your request when sponsorship on-line link is fully completed and submitted
  • Research if the person/organization/third party requesting sponsorship is legitimate for the petition.
  • Establish whether the potential event meets the following criteria:
  1.  will increase the visitor arrivals to Curaçao 
  2.  will be entertainment for visitors
  3.  will increase local awareness for tourism

If you think that you qualify please follow this link and fill out the form accordingly.