Tourism Area Development

Marie Pampoen Recreation Area

Phase 3 of the development of the coastal area at Marie Pampoen has been opened in July 2023, with some components still being finalized.

The development, which aims to bring the local community and visitors to Curaçao together to recreate and relax, is funded by the Government of Curaçao, through the Ministry of Economic Development. The implementation of this project is in the hands of the Curaçao Tourist Board.

The facilities offered in the area are frequently used by the local community and visitors to Curaçao for sport, recreation, and relaxation. The area is also known as a location for local events for which some locations can be reserved.

Marie Pampoen Curacao

Zakito+ Development Area

The development of the Zakito+ Area offers exciting possibilities for both the private and public sectors, creating unique experiences for locals and visitors alike. Delve into the visionary Zakito+ Area Vision, explore the strategic Quick Win Plan for immediate progress, and navigate the expansive Sundance Development Area.

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Zakito Curacao

Peninsula Caracasbaai Development Area

A vision for the development of the Peninsula Caracasbaai was made by the appointed task force and approved by the Council of Ministers of Curaçao provides the framework for future development of the peninsula. Preparations are presently ongoing which will result in a development plan that will provide detailed guidelines for the development and conservation of the peninsula.

The Peninsula Caracasbaai is characterized by unique natural, cultural, and historical values and offers exceptional possibilities for future tourism development. The government of Curaçao, through a specially appointed task force chaired by the Curaçao Tourist Board, is taking the necessary steps to ensure a responsible development of the peninsula.

Caracas Bay Peninsula Curacao


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