June records 50,123 stayover arrivals, a 13% increase

July 11, 2024

WILLEMSTAD – July 11, 2024 – The Curaçao Tourist Board is excited to report another double-digit growth in stayover arrivals. The island experienced a solid 13% rise in arrivals compared to June of the previous year, welcoming a total of 50,123 stayover visitors in June 2024. Remarkable is the absolute number of arrivals, reaching 50,000 stayover arrivals in what is normally a slow seasonal month. This achievement solidifies Curaçao’s position as a premier travel destination in the Caribbean.

Normally the months of May and June used to show an average of 30,000 stayover arrivals, in historical years. Since last year, the tourism board has seen an increase in arrivals, tipping above 40,000 stayover arrivals for mentioned months. In the present year, the bar is set at 50,000 stayover arrivals showing a great demand in tourists choosing Curaçao as a vacation destination.

Top 3 Source Markets Performance in June

The Netherlands: June 2024 brought 15,424 visitors, a 12% increase from June 2023’s 13,804 stayover arrivals. Slightly more than half of the Dutch visitors opted for non-resorts accommodation (52%), while the remaining 48% stayed at a resort during their stay. The Dutch stayed for an average of 11.3 nights in June.

United States of America: USA continues to be a strong market, recording 14% increase from 13,071 in June 2023, totaling 14,913 arrivals in June 2024.  The accommodation preferences for the US market are the broad offering of resort hotels (70%), while the remaining 30% opted for other lodging options available on the island. On average US visitors stayed 6.0 nights in Curaçao.

Colombia:  Visitors from Colombia surged by 43% with 5,290 arrivals in June 2024 compared to 3,692 in June 2023. On average, Colombian visitors spent 5.6 nights in June. In terms of accommodation choices, 50% of Colombian visitors opted for resort hotels.

Year to date highlights of 2024

The first six months of 2024 have shown remarkable performance, with 346,774 stayover arrivals, representing a 27% growth compared to the same period last year. The Curaçao Tourist Board anticipates strong tourism numbers for the rest of the year, potentially reaching a total of 700,000 stayover arrivals. To further boost its tourism success, Curaçao is focusing on forming strategic partnerships and promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors. These efforts aim to enhance accessibility and solidify Curaçao’s reputation as the premier Caribbean destination, encouraging visitors to “Feel it for yourself”.

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