Tourism Development

Social Impact Report 2021-2022

The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) remained steadfast its commitment to sustainable tourism, even in the face of challenges presented by Covid-19 pandemic since 2020. Embracing sustainability as the only viable path forward, CTB continuously evaluated its actions and their impact on both the social and natural environments, recognizing its influential role in promoting the sustainability of tourism-related entities in Curaçao.

The responsibility for sustainability reporting rests with the CTB’s top management, which aligns itself with Curaçao’s tourism strategy and infuses sustainability awareness and action into every facet of the CTB’s operations. Numerous colleagues from diverse fields have been actively engaged in the preparation of this report.

Zakito Curacao

Strategic Tourism Destination Development Plan 2022-2026

The Strategic Tourism Destination Development Plan 2022–2026 provides a framework and ethos for the effective and efficient allocation of resources towards the development of Curaçao’s tourism industry. The title, which is a local proverb, underscores the plan’s overarching themes: partnership and implementation. The plan also highlights the importance of competitive, innovative and integrated approaches to building a resilient and sustainable industry.

The final version of the Strategic Tourism Destination Development Plan 2022-2026 is now available for download.

Tourism Master Plan