Curaçao’s unique tourism product presented to Travel Agents

January 11, 2019

at DER Touristik Campus LIVE Caribbean Islands 2018…
WILLEMSTAD- January 11, 2019 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently participated in DER Touristik Campus LIVE Caribbean Islands 2018, held at the Hilton Barbados Resort. DER Touristik is one of the largest travel and tourism organizations in Europe. Over the course of ten days, 94 top travel agents took part in a campus experience, receiving information and training on the products offered by DER Touristik and its partners.

The Campus LIVE Caribbean Islands event consisted of a number of different phases. The 94 agents were first split up into groups of six which went on to visit different Caribbean destinations, Curaçao included. During this 5-day pre-tour, they were able to get better acquainted with their respective destinations. After the pre-tour, they reassembled in Barbados for the core event, a 3-day seminar. There, the agents returning from Curaçao represented our island at a Round Table Talk to which key partners of DER Touristik were invited in order to receive information on the different destinations. One item that was expanded on in the Round Table Talk was the airlift provided by Condor. During a Travel Fair featured as part of the DER Touristik program, the agents were also able to promote Curaçao as a tourist destination to their fellow agents.

The CTB can look back with satisfaction at another successful educational event.

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