Zakito+ Development Area

Zakito+ Area Vision

Zakito+ has the potential to become a vibrant touristic area able to meet the future needs of the local community and visitors to Curaçao to the fullest. A vision for the area was approved by the Council of Minister of Curaçao that elaborates on the reasons and needs of a vision, the existing and known future initiatives for development of the area and the principles and goals to be achieved with the development of the area.

Next to presenting the development possibilities for the private and public sector, this vision also refers to matters pertaining to conservation, community involvement, institutional framework, and financing of the area. Several components of the vision are already being implemented by the public and private sector.

Quick Win Plan Zakito+

Subsequent to the approval of a vision for the Zakito+ area, one of the items moving forward was the making of the Quick Win Plan.

Several projects were implemented in the public area to offer new and improved experiences and services to the local community and tourists and enhance the total experience in a meaningful way. The project also intends to show that development of the Zakito+ area has started, providing existing and future stakeholders with a solid understanding that their participation in the development is welcomed.

The Quick Win Plan was funded by the government of Curaçao, through the Ministry of Economic Development while the implementation is in the hands of the Curaçao Tourist Board. The use of the area has increased noticeably since the implementation of the Quick Win Plan, with special interest for the reservation of specific areas for events.

Mural Zakito Curacao

Sundance Development Area

Plans are being made for the next phases of the development of Zakito+ which will take several years for full implementation.

Funds have been reserved by the government of Curaçao through the Ministry of Economic Development to initiate the next phase of the development of the public area.

Mural Zakito Curacao

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