Curaçao promotions during friendly match between Curaçao and Argentina

March 28, 2023

WILLEMSTAD- March 27, 2023 – On March 28th, the national football team of Curaçao will face the national football team of Argentina including Lionel Messi during a friendly match that will take place in Argentina. Argentina is a growing market for Curaçao and therefore the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) will make use of the opportunity to implement several promotion efforts, both before and during the friendly match.

Last week, CTB circulated a press release in Argentina inviting people to watch the game and also inviting the Argentinians to choose to visit Curaçao for their next vacation. The press release included an invitation to come experience our culture and our beaches, and also information on different hotels and resorts on our island. In addition, an eblast including the top 10 reasons why Curaçao is the best vacation destinations to visit, was sent via the travel industry platform Ladevi to travel agents in Argentina, and another one was sent to Argentinian tourists who visited Curaçao in the past. Furthermore, several influencers in Argentina who already visited Curaçao in the past were approached and asked to share on their social media pages two days before the match about the great memories they have of their visit to Curaçao. The information they share on their social media pages will appear simultaneously on our social media channels ‘Curaçao’. At the same time, they will invite their followers to watch the friendly match.

During the friendly match, Curaçao will also be promoted on several digital banners in the stadium. Moreover, a representative of Curaçao will be present in the press area to distribute information and promotional material about Curaçao. CTB will keep making use of each opportunity that comes up to promote Curaçao abroad.

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