Meeting launching Hospitality Sector Training Program

March 22, 2022

WILLEMSTAD- March 22, 2022 – In a recent meeting, an agreement was formalized for the implementation of a training program for the hospitality sector. The agreement was made by the Ministry of Economic Development, represented by the Minister of Economic Development Ruisandro Cijntje, and the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), represented by deputy director Hugo Clarinda.

In view of recent developments, particularly the lack of trained workforce for the tourism sector, the Government of Curaçao made funds available for the launch of several training courses on short term in order to fill the existing vacancies. The aim is to have approximately 1000 persons trained through several short and medium-length courses using the apprenticeship model.

MEO is in charge of the training program’s supervision, while the CTB will handle the coordination of the implementation of the program. The program will be rolled out in close collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development, Labor and Wellbeing (SOAW), and persons registered with SOAW will be approached to participate. Those not registered with SOAW but who are nevertheless interested in working in the hospitality sector are likewise welcomed to the program. The Ministry of Education (OWCS) will also be involved, by providing the training certifications. Additionally, private sector partners were approached for their support.

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