Curaçao promotional roadshow in Bogotá, Medellín and Cali

March 31, 2022

WILLEMSTAD- March 30, 2022 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently organized a roadshow in three Colombian cities, Bogotá, Medellín and Cali, allowing the Curaçao team consisting of 31 tourism-related partners, to reconnect with the Colombian trade sector, wholesalers, travel agents and the press. The roadshow included travel agent educational events, wholesaler sessions and several press events.

In the city of Medellín, the Curaçao team met and visited several travel agents to exchange about Curaçao’s tourism product and on how to attract a higher number of visitors from Colombia to come and experience the island. The visit to this city also included a luncheon meeting with the press and several special guests. The events in Medellín were in support of the 3 airlines servicing the route Medellín – Curaçao – Medellín. During their visit to Cali, a team of hoteliers networked and exchanged their information with travel agents at the annual REMA Fair in Cali.

Furthermore, wholesalers in Bogotá received an update on our destination and how we can increase sales mutually to Curaçao through travel packages. The Curaçao team also received a presentation by travel agency, which is active across Latin America. The team also participated in the ExpoAviatur event, meeting with travel agents and wholesalers to promote their company and do business. The program in the city of Bogotá further included a cocktail dinner with press members and other important stakeholders.

The team concluded its visit to Bogotá participating in the 41st edition of the Vitrina Turística ANATO trade fair, an annual travel and commerce fair with a variety of exhibitors attending. At the ANATO event, the Curaçao team, which included the Minister of Economic Development, Ruisandro Cijntje, re-connected, did business and negotiated new opportunities with several Colombian travel trade representatives.

The CTB wishes to thank all hotels, tour operators and airlines that, together with representatives of the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association, Curaçao Airport Partners, and the Ministry of Economic Development, were part of the Curaçao team.

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