Official start Marie Pampoen Recreational Area phase 3

February 5, 2022

Construction sign unveiled
WILLEMSTAD–February 4, 2022 –The construction sign for Phase 3 of the Marie Pampoen Recreational Area was recently unveiled, marking the official start of the construction activities. The upcoming construction activities are part of a master plan for the development of a recreational area with economic activities for Curaçao’s population in general, especially those living in the Marie Pampoen area. At the same time, the area will also serve as a tourism product where visitors can mingle with the local population and have a firsthand experience of the island. The first two phases of this project saw the construction of several facilities at the Marie Pampoen Recreational Area, which are being put to good use by different groups in our community, as well as by visitors. For Phase 3, the sign’s unveiling was performed by the Minister of Economic Development, Ruisandro Cijntje, the Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning, Charles Cooper, the Minister in charge of Public Health, the Environment and Nature, Dorothy Pietersz-Janga, and Deputy Director of the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), Hugo Clarinda.

This third phase of the project will focus on recreational and sports facilities, such as a beach with palapas, multiple play and entertainment activities for children and youths, an open-air fitness area, a pier, a beach volleyball court, three business kiosks, benches, picnic areas, restrooms, landscaping, illumination, coastal protection, as well as running water and electricity infrastructure.

Financing for the project is provided by the Ministry of Economic Development. Heren2 Caribbean oversees the construction, while the project’s coordination is managed by the CTB. The work group consists of representatives of the Ministries of Economic Development, of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning and of Public Health, the Environment and Nature and the CTB. The construction activities have been commissioned to Curacaose Wegenbouw Maatschappij B.V. (CWM). The CTB wishes to thank all visitors to the facility, and especially the inhabitants of Marie Pampoen, for their patience and understanding in connection with any inconveniences as a result of the construction.

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