Curaçao Virtual Tourism Fair Makes Its Debut In Europe

August 27, 2020

WILLEMSTAD- August 26, 2020 –  The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently hosted the first Curaçao Virtual Tourism Fair which targeted the European market. The Coronavirus global pandemic has made it necessary for various industries and agencies to utilize technology in order to continue doing business. The same is true for the CTB and the local hospitality sector. Promoting in a virtual environment has become mandatory if one is to remain competitive in the Tourism industry. This first edition of the Curaçao Virtual Tourism Fair was the digital interactive equivalent of events like Vakantiebeurs in the Netherlands or ITB in Germany. 

When Curaçao reopened the borders on July 1, the first countries for which the borders were opened were Western-European countries like the Netherlands and Germany.  It follows that the first travel agents and tour operators to be invited to the virtual fair were from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

At the event, the CTB offered a presentation with up-to-date information on Curaçao’s tourism product and the protocols that have been put in place. The participants were also able to speak live to partners in the hotel industry, diving operators and partners offering other tourist attractions. Instead of using a traditional physical booth, participants were able to meet virtually to give and view presentations, reconnect, interact with each other, and reach promotional agreements. “In its continued efforts to promote the country, the CTB finds novel and creative ways to get the job done,” said CTB CEO Paul Pennicook, adding that with hundreds of tour operators and travel agents as well as 58 suppliers participating in the first Curaçao Virtual Tourism Fair it is fair to say this was a tremendous success”, continued Mr. Pennicook.

The CTB intends to take the Curaçao Virtual Tourism Fair to other markets like North and South America, in the not too distance future. The CTB wishes to thank CHATA and the 45 private-sector partners for their participation in the first Curaçao Virtual Tourism Fair.

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