Curaçao welcomed 419 thousand stayover visitors from January through November

December 30, 2019

9% increase in stayover arrivals year to date

WILLEMSTAD – December 30, 2019

November Visitor Arrivals 2019

The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting an increase of 1% in stayover visitor arrivals for November 2019. We welcomed 38,158 visitors in November making the year to date for stayover now 419,125, which is 9% increase over previous year.

Europe, our leading producing region grew 14% for November, while arrivals form the Caribbean region jumped 20% for the month. North America recorded a decline of 15% because of decreased airlift, while South America declined by 23% primarily because the Venezuelan border was closed and it was open at this time last year. The significant increase from Europe and the Caribbean region is directly related to increased service out of Amsterdam as well as the start of new service twice weekly from Port of Spain with Caribbean Airlines. Curaçao welcomed 16,787 visitors from The Netherlands thereby accounting for an increase of 17%. Visitors from Trinidad & Tobago doubled in November 2019.

The overall visitor nights grew by 3% in November 2019. In total 327 thousand visitor nights are registered. Out of Europe, tourists spent 222 thousand nights in Curaçao, a 12% increase in visitor nights. North and South American visitors spent respectively 45 and 39 thousand visitor nights in November. Visitors from the Caribbean region spent 16 thousand nights in Curaçao.

Cruise Arrivals CPA

The November 2019 figures show that 38 cruise vessels called the Willemstad Port compared to 36 vessels in the same month in 2018 resulting in an increase of 6%.
In the month of November 2019 we welcomed a total of 92,235 cruise passengers on Curaçao emanating 7,776 passengers (9%) more than the same month in 2018.

Year to date: January through November 2019

January through November the stayover arrivals grew by 9%, which in absolute numbers is 419 thousand stayover visitors.

January through November the cruise arrivals grew by 3%, which in absolute numbers is 681 thousand cruise visitors.

January through November the overall arrivals grew by 5%, which in absolute numbers is 1.1million visitors.

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