18 Participants Completed Tour Guide Course

May 25, 2024

WILLEMSTAD – May 25, 2024 – Recently, a total of 18 course participants received their certificates as Tour Guides as part of the Hospitality Industry Training Program. The participants completed an intensive crash course in which they acquired basic theoretical and practical knowledge to enter the hospitality industry. During a pleasant ceremony, the participants received their certificates from the Sector Director Economic Development and Innovation, Mrs. Zulaika Mook, in representation of Minister Ruisandro Cijntje, accompanied by representatives from the Tula Museum Foundation, Mr. Shurbey Alberto, President, and Mrs. Drs. Jeanne Henriquez, who developed the course. Those who completed the course are now working at various museums and tourist attractions in the Bándabou area.

The tour guide course involved 3 months of intensive training in theory and practical skills to become certified tour guides. The course included 6 modules: Our History and Culture, Tourism Industry, Customer Service, Culinary Heritage, Storytelling Practice, Nature Guiding/Hiking, and the Historical Leadership and Culture module. All participants were eager to work in the Bándabou area and motivated to join the growing hospitality and tourism industry. The participants also completed the Personal Empowerment training, focused on developing their interpersonal skills. During the program, the group also attended an information session by the Curaçao Tourist Board to stay updated on aspects related to marketing, stayover tourism statistics, and the development of Curaçao’s tourist product.

The training program is managed by the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO), and the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is responsible for the implementation of the program. The program is executed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Labor (SOAW), the Ministry of Education (OWCS), and private sector partners. To register, visit www.curacaotouristboard.com/education/

CTB, MEO, SOAW, and OWCS congratulate the participants and wish them all success in the hospitality industry.

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