Curaçao Tourist Board and Ministry of Economic Development host National Tourism Conference on Sustainable Growth

May 7, 2024

on World Tourism Day, September 27th

WILLEMSTAD- May 7, 2024 – During a press conference, Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Ruisandro Cijntje together with Mr. Hugo Clarinda, deputy director of the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), provided information regarding a National Tourism Conference to be organized on the upcoming World Tourism Day, September 27th. Every year on September 27th, World Tourism Day is commemorated with the objective of promoting the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, and economic value. The focus of the conference will be on sustainable growth of the tourism industry for the benefit of the Curaçao community. Throughout the conference, both the opportunities and challenges will be identified and acknowledged with the objective of responsibly growing the tourism industry and working together towards a brighter future.

The conference will serve as a platform for all stakeholders and potential future participants in the tourism industry to come together to inform, interact, and reach concrete resolutions on how to address the tourism growth that Curaçao is experiencing. As preparation for the conference, a series of pre-conference sessions will be organized in the coming months, each accompanied by a focus group session. During these sessions, stakeholders will dive into 5 important topics related to the conference’s central theme. The topics to be addressed during the series of sessions prior to the conference are: identifying new opportunities, explore strategies for diversifying the tourism industry, persevering authenticity amidst growth, community engagement in tourism and sustaining competitiveness in tourism while also highlighting Curaçao’s unique selling points. Pre-resolutions will emerge from these sessions, which will be discussed during the conference in September to reach final resolutions. These final resolutions will then be translated into concrete actions for the benefit of the Curaçao community and Curaçao as a tourist destination.

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