Curaçao showcased as the best destination for diving

February 7, 2024

During boot Düsseldorf in Germany….

WILLEMSTAD- February 7, 2024 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) accompanied by 5 private sector partners was present at the 55th edition of boot Düsseldorf. This is the largest annual water sports fair held in Germany. Boot Düsseldorf 2024 had the participation of almost 214,000 visitors from 120 countries. The goal of Curaçao’s participation at the fair was to present our island as the best destination for diving.

This year, the Curaçao team had the opportunity to present on 2 podiums during the fair. On the Dive podium, CTB, in collaboration with its private sector partners, participated in 4 interviews showcasing our tourism product. On the Destination podium, the team delivered engaging presentations about Curaçao as a prime tourist destination. Additionally, this year, for the first time, CTB served as the main sponsor of the Dive Award Show. This prestigious award was presented in 5 categories to projects that among others aim to raise awareness about marine conservation, enhance diving experiences, and engage individuals in sustainable practices to preserve our ocean for the future. To conclude Curaçao’s participation at the fair, the Curaçao team hosted a Curaçao Cocktail Happy Hour, which was attended by approximately 150 invited guests, including consumers, tour operators, and media representatives.

CTB extends its gratitude to the private sector partners who joined the Curaçao team this time: Sun Reef Village on Sea, Rancho El Sobrino, Dive Division, Curaçao Divers, and Scuba Lodge. The water sports fair provided the ideal platform to present Curaçao to the German water sports enthusiasts as the best destination for diving. With perfect weather and unique biodiversity, our island has a lot to offer both on land and beneath the waves.

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