60,905 stayover arrivals in January to kickstart 2024

February 7, 2024

January 2024 arrivals recorded 27% increase compared to January 2023

WILLEMSTAD – February 7, 2024 – The Curaçao Tourist Board is pleased to announce a substantial surge in stayover tourism, showcasing a remarkable 27% increase in arrivals compared to January of the previous year. The island welcomed a total of 60,905 stayover visitors, solidifying its position as an increasingly popular travel destination in the Caribbean.

In terms of market share, Curaçao boasts a diverse and thriving visitor base. Europe leads the way with an impressive 42%, showcasing the enduring allure of the destination among European travelers. North America follows, contributing 31% to the overall market share, a testament to the island’s popularity among visitors from the United States and Canada. Latin America holds a substantial 20% share, highlighting the growing appeal of Curaçao among South American travelers. The Caribbean region, while a smaller portion, still plays a significant role, contributing 4% to the overall market share in January. This balanced distribution underscores Curaçao’s success in attracting a global audience and establishing itself as a premier travel destination in the region.

Top 5 Source Markets Performance:

The Netherlands, Curaçao’s primary source market, experienced a commendable 12% growth, reaching a total of 22,174 tourists. The availability of direct flights from Amsterdam, facilitated by KLM, TUI, and Corendon, played a crucial role in this increase. Twenty-two percent of the Dutch visitors reside in North Holland, 20% in South Holland and 13% are North Brabant residents.

The USA recorded a notable 23% growth, with 13,605 stayover arrivals in January. The additional seat capacity out of Charlotte with American Airlines, Atlanta with Delta, and New York with Jetblue drove January’s positive performance. It is expected to see sustained growth throughout the year out of USA, leveraging strategic marketing initiatives and fostering collaborative partnerships with stakeholders to ensure a sustainable growth strategy.

From Canada, Curaçao celebrated a historic milestone as the Canadian market surpassed 5,000 stayover visitors in a single month, totaling 5,446 in January. Another positive outcome of a consistent marketing strategy in combination with increased air seat capacity. Last year CTB recorded a total of 4,306 Canadian visitors in January.

Out of Colombia, the Latin American market recorded significant growth, with an 88% increase in stayover arrivals from Colombia, totaling 4,715 visitors. Last year a total of 2,505 Colombians were welcomed.

Boasting the highest growth percentage, Brazil recorded an outstanding 172% increase compared to January 2023, with 3,671 Brazilians choosing Curaçao as their destination. The direct twice weekly service with Azul, coupled with increased air seat capacity from gateways Bogota and Panama, contributed to this phenomenal success. Last year a total of 1,351 Brazilians were welcomed in January.

Key Highlights January 2024:

Resort Stays: 52% of stayover visitors opted for the diverse range of accommodations offered by resort hotels, including large, small, all-inclusive, and bungalow resorts, 48% opted to stay at other lodgings on island.

Demographic Insights: January’s stayover arrivals revealed an interesting demographic distribution. The majority, 35%, fell within the 45 to 64 age group, while the 25 to 44 age group accounted for 34% of visitors.

Average nights: In total stayover visitors spent 9.6 nights in January, a 6% decrease compared to last year.

Cruise arrivals: There were 48 cruise ship calls and 123,230 cruise visitors in the month of January. Last year, Curaçao Ports Authority reported 42 cruise ship calls and 107,699 cruise passengers. 

Last year was a spectacular year for our tourism industry and the objective is to together create a memorable destination for our visitors. CTB remains optimistic about the sustained and flourishing trajectory of stayover tourism in the upcoming months; and has set a target to reach 670,000 stayover arrivals in 2024.

This optimism is based on confirmed seat capacity in 2024; and performances witnessed across all source markets, signifying a broad and enduring global interest in the destination. The island is positioned to build upon its current success through strategic partnerships, fostering collaborative efforts with both public and private sector that enhance accessibility and promote Curaçao as the only destination in the Caribbean you should visit to “Feel it for yourself.”

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