Azul Airlines launches extra flights to Curaçao

July 31, 2023

… and starting mid-December 2023, the frequency will be increased to twice a week

WILLEMSTAD- July 31, 2023 – The Curaçao Tourist Board announces that during the months of October and November this year, Azul Airlines will offer an additional direct flight option from Brazil to Curaçao. The decision to introduce an additional direct flight to Curaçao comes as a result of the high demand generated by the recent launch of the route connecting Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Curaçao which is operated on Saturdays. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, by mid-December 2023, the frequency of their regular flight to Curaçao will be increased to twice a week.

The extra flights will be available every Wednesday from October 11 to November 23, 2023. The flight will depart from Belo Horizonte at 1:00 pm and arrive in Curaçao at 6:00 pm. The return flight will depart from Curaçao on Thursdays at 9:00 am and arrive in Belo Horizonte at 4:00 pm. The new route will also benefit travelers from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiânia, Brasília, and Vitória, who can connect via Belo Horizonte. Thus, starting this October, Azul Airlines will operate two flights per week to Curaçao on Wednesdays and Saturdays, thereby providing more travel options for Brazilians who want to visit our island for vacation or business, but also for our local people who want to visit Brazil.

The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), Curaçao Airport Holding (CAH) and Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association (CHATA) wish Azul Airlines all the best with the additional flights to Curaçao!

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