Certificate award ceremony for Chef, Bartender and Waiter courses

April 18, 2023

WILLEMSTAD – April 17, 2023 – During the last few months, 3 more courses were conducted as part of the Hospitality Sector Training Program. These were the Chef, Bartender and Waiter courses. During a pleasant ceremony, a total of 19 people received their certificate after successfully completing one of the abovementioned courses. The certificate award ceremony took place at Maris Stella VSBO in the presence of the Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Ruisandro Cijntje. The participants who received their certificate, together with new students who just recently enrolled in the courses, were in charge of preparing the food and drinks for the ceremony. This way they were able to put into practice what they learned during the courses.

The courses were given as a crash course that lasted 12 weeks. Those who took the chef course can now work as an assistant to a chef cook. During the course they learned the basic techniques of food preparation, among other things. In the waiter course they learned among others to listen attentively to the customer, and how to take an order and serve the order. The participants to the bartender course learned the techniques of mixing drinks, how to be service-minded and disciplined, and how to deal with complaints. Furthermore, the participants successfully completed the Personal Empowerment training which was focused on the development of their interpersonal skills.

After completing the 12 weeks of training the participants will continue to work at a learning company in the hospitality sector for 5 months. After completing those 5 months, the company can offer the participant(s) a work contract based on their performance.  

The Hospitality Sector Training Program is managed by the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO), and the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) oversees the execution of the program. The program is executed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development, Labor and Wellbeing (SOAW) and private sector partners.

In the past months several training sessions were conducted for tourist guides, receptionists, and massage therapists. Currently there are several people enrolled in a Horeca training program, and a new course is scheduled to start shortly for those interested in housekeeping, while another course will be offered for those who want to become an instructor for companies that function as learning companies. At the moment there are 30 companies that contribute to the project as learning companies, thereby offering the participants the opportunity to find a job in the hospitality sector. To register for the Hospitality Sector Training Program, go to www.curacaotouristboard.com/education/

CTB, MEO and SOAW wish the course participants much success at their learning company.

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