Curaçao appoints two new brand ambassadors in Brazil

November 30, 2022

Willemstad, November 30, 2022 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently appointed two new brand ambassadors in Brazil, in addition to the existing brand ambassador, Ana Hickmann. The new ambassadors are: businesswoman and party planner Andréa Guimarães and travel influencer Lala Rebelo. During a ceremony in São Paulo, Brazil, both new ambassadors received a well-deserved recognition for promoting the island of Curaçao. The title of ambassador is a symbolic recognition of these two women who chose Curaçao in a unique way and showed the love they feel for the island. CTB trusts that they will continue to spread this feeling for Curaçao throughout Brazil.

Andréa Guimarães visited Curaçao in August of last year, thereby bringing a lot of visibility to the island. One of the results was that Guimarães returned to the island in November 2021 with some celebrities for an editorial branding project. The group returned this year with some popular brands for another production. Andréa Guimarães is the main party planner in Brazil and serves big names on TV as well as singers and famous sportsmen.

Lala Rebelo is an advertising and digital content creator, author of one of the largest luxury travel blogs in Brazil. She has traveled to more than 80 countries and after becoming a mother 4 years ago, she has specialized in giving tips on family travel. She chose to come to Curaçao with her family during the easing of the pandemic. Her content on her website and Instagram posts caused her followers to become enchanted with Curaçao. The hotels she has visited also confirm that they received guests who have been influenced by her content.

CTB is very pleased with the efforts and positive influence of these newly appointed ambassadors, and looks forward to continue to work with them for the years to come.

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