Curaçao held a special event with the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 26, 2022

The Curaçao Tourist Board gathered 120 people in a penthouse for a special event in Rio de Janeiro on July 25, to present the elements of its Caribbean identity. The event, entitled “A Night in Curaçao” took place in partnership with the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Rio de Janeiro, which opened its official residence in Lagoa to accommodate the festivities. The experience included some typical dishes (Bakiou ku Funchi and Karni Stobá) prepared by Chef Konofló (who travelled especially from Willemstad to be part of the event), original drinks made with Blue Curaçao liqueur, a photo backdrop of Cas Abou beach for interaction with guests, as well as typical music from Curaçao.

“It is a joy to host this event dedicated to Curaçao. We are all members of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but despite the name, the highest elevation of the Kingdom is located in Curaçao. It is Mount Christoffel, with an altitude of 370m”, commented Niels Veenis, Deputy Consul General in Rio de Janeiro. The diplomat also reinforced the LGBT+ theme, since Curaçao participated in the Expo LGBT Fair at the Fairmont Hotel, in Copacabana. “Diversity is a very important topic for the Netherlands and to reinforce these values, especially in a country within the Dutch Kingdom, is fundamental”, concluded Veenis. 

Representatives of travel agencies, operators, airlines, journalists, influencers, Dutch businessmen, members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Rio de Janeiro, and staff from the Consulate General attended the event. This was the first official event organized as a partnership between the Curaçao Tourist Board and the Consulate General of the Netherlands. The aim is for both institutions to continue to work together in the future on other initiatives connected to tourism, culture, arts and heritage.

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