CTB participated in various activities in Germany to promote Curaçao

June 16, 2022

WILLEMSTAD- June 16, 2022 – Recently, representatives of the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) visited Germany in order to participate in three different activities to promote Curaçao as a tourist destination.

First, CTB attended the Counter Days event organized by FVW, which is the largest trade media agency in Germany. The purpose of this event was to provide information to travel agents from all over Germany. Here, the Curaçao team gave a presentation to 150 travel agents during a marketplace where they shared all that Curaçao has to offer to the German tourist. In addition, the team also conducted an interactive workshop with a group of 45 students and travel agent trainees about sustainable projects in Curaçao.

The second event was targeted to tour operators and travel agents who operate on-site or online in the city of Munich, which is a focus area for us in Germany. Here CTB held six workshops in the form of an interactive “Dushi Quiz”. During this quiz, travel agents had to answer 15 questions about Curaçao within 15 minutes. 

The third and final activity focused on golf, whereby Curaçao was introduced as a golf destination for the German market. During this event CTB gave a presentation to 30 professional and amateur golf players at a golf tournament, highlighting the unique points that Curaçao offers to our visitors.

CTB is additionally the official destination partner of the professional golf association of the state of Bavaria in Germany, and sponsoring partner of “Race to Curaçao”. This is a tournament series of 9 golf events in Bavaria, that will result in the final tournament called “Blue Bay Masters”, which will take place here in Curaçao. CTB trusts that these efforts will produce fruit, and that we will see an increase in German tourists visiting our island in the coming months.

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