CTB Hosts Virtual Press Trips

December 15, 2020

for the International Press and Media Partners
WILLEMSTAD- December 14, 2020 –  Last November, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) held several virtual trips with the press and media partners of the US, Canada, Germany, Surname, Colombia and Brazil. The traditional personal and interactive press trips had to be discontinued with the arrival of the pandemic, which also resulted in travel restrictions for visitors coming in from some of our main markets. The CTB therefore had to find alternative methods to keep up communication with the international press. The main goal with these virtual press trips was to keep the international press and media partners up to date with all that Curaçao has to offer as a tourist destination, for them to relay the information to future visitors in their respective markets.

These virtual press trips have succeeded in strengthening relationship with the media partners and at the same time bring a taste of Curaçao a bit more within reach of these markets—in some cases literally. In some markets, pumpkin pancakes and signature Curaçao cocktails were prepared for the occasion. Each session was intended for a limited group of press representatives, who got to participate in some live and interactive activities. The 1-hour live segments each started with either the ‘Welcome Back’ or the ‘We Hope to See You Soon’ video, based on the country’s status. After a brief introduction by the CTB, the members of the international press were taken on a virtual trip to get to see and experience activities all around the island. Some live and pre-recorded activities included rappelling from the Queen Juliana Bridge, a tour through Willemstad, ATV Buggy Tour, making cocktails and awa di lamunchi.

The CTB has been receiving positive feedback from several participants who are excited about visiting Curaçao as soon as this is possible again. The CTB wishes to thank all private-sector partners who contributed to these virtual press trips.

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