Over 9,000 stayover visitors in August

September 8, 2020

Preliminary August 2020 Visitor Arrivals

WILLEMSTAD – September 7, 2020 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting 9,227 stayover visitor arrivals in August. Eighty-nine percent of the reported visitors are travelling from Europe and 5% from the Caribbean region.

With only a select number of countries in Western Europe meeting the risk threshold, 91% of the European visitors came from the Netherlands. We have welcomed 7,518 Dutch visitors, which is 53% less compared to August 2019. Out of Germany, we registered 291 German visitors, a 75% decrease compared to last year. Fifty five percent of these European visitors stayed in resort hotels, while 45% stayed in alternative accommodations in August. In July, when we started accepting visitors again the distribution between resort hotels and alternative accommodations was respectively 45% and 55%. Another interesting indicator is the average nights spent of the European visitor. In August 2020, the average night spent was 11.7, while last year the same month we registered 9.9 nights on average per European visitor. This is an 18% increase in average nights spent on the island.

From the Caribbean region, we have welcomed 483 stayover visitors. Eighty-two percent are visitors residing in Bonaire.

“Considering that we are open for only a limited number of countries in Europe, it was good to see over 9,000 visitors arrive in August. Also, August saw an increase in the share of visitors staying in resort hotels,” commented CTB CEO, Paul Pennicook.

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