Minister Mc William and CTB Visiting MLB Elite Program

December 13, 2019

WILLEMSTAD- December 13, 2019 –Minister Giselle Mc William and the CTB recently visited the youths participating in the Curaçao MLB Elite Program to see for themselves how the program is moving along. MLB Elite is a Major League Baseball (MLB) program under the guidance of local and international coaches who train these kids in the sport as well as in their personal development, in order to qualify as prospective MLB players. In Curaçao, the program has been training youngsters for 2 years, several of which have already completed the training and are currently representing the island abroad. The coaches described the local kids as highly motivated, giving it their all to reach their goal of joining the MLB. Ms. Mc William addressed the youngsters, commending them for their excellent achievements on the field and in their personal lives. The CTB will continue to support the Curaçao MLB Elite Program, in view of the huge promotional value that these kids represent for the island of Curaçao. Minister Mc William and the CTB’s best wishes go to all the young talents in the Curaçao MLB Elite Program.

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