March Tourism Performance – Outstanding

May 6, 2019

15% increase in stayover arrivals…
WILLEMSTAD – April 25th, 2019

March Visitor Arrivals 2019
CTB reports another month of double-digit growth in stayover visitor arrivals. The latest tourism statistics show an increase of 15% in stayover visitors for March 2019. There were 5,503 more visitors registered in the third month of 2019, bringing the total count to 41,861 versus 36,358 in March 2018.

The Netherlands recorded 17% more stayover visitors in March. In total 16,153 stayover visitors were welcomed out of our main producing country. Meanwhile Europe as a whole had a 9% increase producing 21,066 visitors in March.

The launch of the new branding campaign along with the enduring support of our partners continue to reap rewards for the island in the form of increased visitor arrivals. Nowhere is this most visible than North America which climbed to a 30% share of all stayover visitors in March. We welcomed 12,446 stayover visitors from North America in the month of March. The USA grew by 31%, while Canada recorded 23% more stayover visitors. There was additional airlift from both Canada and the USA this winter, which certainly helped the destination to record such impressive growth.

Stayover visitors from South America performed well recording 10% growth. In absolute numbers, 4,672 stayover visitors were welcomed in March 2019 from South America. Colombia with 1,613 visitors registered an increase of 15% stayover visitors, at the same time traffic from Brazil grew by 83%, registering 1,292 Brazilian visitors. Most of the Brazilian visitors traveled in the first week of the month. Brazilians are likely to travel during Carnival weekend.

The overall visitor nights grew by 6% in March 2019. In total 357 thousand visitor nights are registered. Out of Europe, tourists spent 224 thousand nights in Curaçao, a 4% increase. North and South American visitors spent respectively 84 and 32 thousand visitor nights in March.

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