Curaçao Tourist Board Launches New Global Branding Campaign

September 28, 2018

“Feel it For Yourself”…
WILLEMSTAD – September 27, 2018 – This month, the Curaçao Tourist Board will roll out its new global branding campaign, “Feel It For Yourself,” which highlights the destination’s rich history, authenticity and unique range of sights and activities that leave visitors free to explore the island on their own terms. Drawing inspiration from the island’s vibrant aesthetic, the new elements are intended to differentiate Curaçao from the rest of the region and make a splash in the market.

With its authentic spirit, European-inspired architecture, and cove-like beaches, Curaçao appeals to an array of travelers, from the adventurer to the beach bum to the history buff. “Curaçao. Feel It For Yourself,” a signature tagline almost two years in the making, embodies this ideal and encourages travelers of all backgrounds, races and sexualities, to tailor their Curaçao experience as they desire.

With a view toward developing a specific, targeted global branding campaign, the Curaçao Tourist Board and its New York-based advertising firm, Catch New York, executed time-intensive market research, including focus groups, expert interviews and first-hand qualitative surveys with consumers across the world. Leaving no region untouched, the team traveled to Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil and Colombia, meeting with airline specialists, tour operators, country managers, hotel reps and everyday people. Having analyzed and plotted the responses on a perceptual map of Caribbean travel themes, the idea of “feeling free” remained consistent across all markets.

At its core, Curaçao is a fusion of 55 different nationalities and locals who typically speak four languages. Everyone is welcome, which has put the tiny island on the map as one of the most accepting destinations in the Caribbean, especially among LGBT travelers.

Taking the theme of feeling free – free of all worries, free of judgment – “Feel It For Yourself” was born. As there is simply no right way to experience Curaçao, every traveler can make the island their own while embracing its authentic, unforgettable spirit.

Seeking to differentiate its ads from the blue-dominated “sea of sameness” consumers have grown accustomed to seeing from Caribbean destinations, the tourist board is launching an array of vibrant displays even more colorful than its iconic buildings in downtown Willemstad. One of the ads includes the tagline ‘Feel It For Yourself’and another one ‘Feel It In Your Soul’.

“The time is finally here to unveil Curaçao’s new branding campaign, which perfectly exemplifies Curaçao’s lively, authentic personality,” says Hugo Clarinda, Deputy Director of the Curaçao Tourist Board. “Not only do the visuals speak to Curaçao’s energy, but the catchphrase hopefully conveys that Curaçao is a nation for all.”

The new global branding campaign will be introduced in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, the Caribbean, Canada, and in the United States, specifically New York, Miami and Charlotte, or markets with direct airlift.

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