Chaya Willems School Paints Garbage Containers for Marie Pampoen Recreational Area

July 14, 2017

On the CTB’s initiative…
WILLEMSTAD- July 13, 2017 – Since 2015, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) has been in charge of supervising the Marie Pampoen Recreational Area project, involving the development of the whole Marie Pampoen beach area between the pier and the sports field, making it more attractive to locals and tourists alike.

On the CTB’s initiative, students of Kolegio Chaya Willems were invited to decorate eight metal containers, guided by two local artists: Ariadne Faries and Morgaine Paris. The project’s main objective was to provide garbage containers for the west side of the Marie Pampoen recreational area, while at the same time involving the community in the development of the area and promoting art awareness and expressive creativity, especially among the neighborhood’s youth. The colorful disposal containers are already in service and can be admired around the west area of the Marie Pampoen recreational area. All materials, including the containers, as well as refreshments for the kids, were provided by the CTB, which manages the funds provided by the government for the area’s development.

The community of Curaçao’s cooperation is counted on to keep the Marie Pampoen recreational area clean and enjoyable for the community itself as well as for the island’s visitors.

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