CTB Personnel Visits 4 Tourist Attractions

July 11, 2017

in connection with the “experiential travel” concept…
WILLEMSTAD – July 11, 2017 – The personnel of the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently visited four tourist attractions that are applying the Experiential Travel concept, which is catching on in many parts of the world. Experiential Travelinvolves tourist activities focussing on creating authentic experiences by connecting the visitor to special sites, people and cultural elements of the destination. The aim of the visit was to experience the different attractions and give feedback on the product being offered as part of the Experiential Travelconcept. The attractions visited, Kas di Pal’i Maishi, Williwood, Dinah Veeris Herb Garden – Den Paradera and Landhuis Chobolobo, are currently transitioning from selling simple tours to offering experiences.

Creating an experience is at the core of the Experiential Travel concept. It involves offering the visitor the opportunity to learn and do things, and to interact with locals. The “learning” aspect revolves around understanding who the locals are and how they live. The “doing” aspect focusses on allowing the visitor to be a hands-on participant rather than a passive observer. The last key aspect of this concept offers the visitor the opportunity to engage with locals interested in sharing their culture, their way of life and especially their skills.

In November last year, the CTB invited an expert on the subject, Ms. Judy Karwacki, to come to the island. Ms. Karwacki gave a presentation and a workshop to the private sector on Experiential Travel and visited some local attractions in order to share new ideas that may help them in further developing the concept locally. The CTB personnel, split into two groups, had the opportunity of visiting these four attractions in order to experience first-hand how the Experiential Travelconcept is being applied, and be able to offer constructive feedback. It was a boost for them to see that these attractions are well on the way to offering not only tours, but rather total experiences. The CTB will continue its efforts to promote the Experiential Travelconcept, with a view to the concept being integrated by the local tourism community even more into the product offered to the island’s visitors.

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