Cooperation Protocol signed in connection with Project for Maintenance of Eight Public Beaches

March 21, 2017

WILLEMSTAD- March 21, 2017 – A five-year cooperation protocol was recently signed for the improvement and sustainable maintenance of eight public beaches. The protocol was signed by the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Public Health, Environment and Nature, the Ministry for Social Development, Labor and Wellbeing, the Ministry of Traffic, Transportation and Spatial Planning and the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB). The project involves forming a committee consisting of representatives of the aforementioned ministries and the CTB, to work together in executing several tasks in connection with the improvement and maintenance of eight beaches, namely: Caracasbaai, Daaibooi, Sta. Cruz, Jeremi, Kenepa Chikí, Playa Fòrti, Playa Lagun and Kenepa Grandi.

As part of the project-formulation activities, efforts were aimed first of all at assessing the existent situation, which led to a list of the areas in need of improvement. These are: hygiene, social control, reduction of crime at the eight beaches, safety and security of both local and foreign visitors to the beaches, better toilet, shower and parking facilities, modifying the infrastructure with the elderly and others with special needs in mind, job creation for the local population, and more entertainment on the beaches. A very important part in the execution of the project is the social aspect; training will be provided to locals to work on these beaches. The project will create new job openings and also entrepreneurial opportunities.

The implementation of this project should lead to a total transformation of the experience offered at these beaches, which will no doubt have a positive impact on the island’s tourism product as a whole.

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