Experiential Tourism in an Era of the Sharing Economy

November 15, 2016

Public Presentation hosted by the CTB and CHATA…
WILLEMSTAD- November 14, 2016 –Sharing Economy has mostly been viewed as a threat to tourism businesses but more and more tourism businesses recognize it also opens up new opportunities for specific target groups (such as public sector, trade associations, tourism suppliers, and the like) and locally-flavored options for experiences, food, accommodations, venues and transportation. The objective of the ‘Experiential Tourism in an Era of the Sharing Economy’ initiative is to help Curaçao tourism enablers and businesses to better understand these new business and tourism concepts, and the challenges and opportunities created by them.

Lead by Judy Karwacki of Small Planet Consulting, a public meeting will be held to give participants the opportunity to learn about the Sharing Economy and Experiential Tourism, and to explore their potential for Curaçao as a destination and thus for local tourism businesses. You are cordially invited to attend the Public Presentation which is scheduled to take place this Thursday November 17 from 19:00 – 20:30 at the Hilton Curaçao. The key target audience for the Public Presentation are for example public sector representatives (people representing government organizations and departments that support the growth and marketing of the tourism industry), trade associations, non-governmental organizations and community partners interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise with visitors to add value to the Curaçao tourism experience. To RSVP please register at CTB-invitation@curacao.com

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