CTB Presents Tourism Development to Parliament members and Ministers

May 20, 2024

WILLEMSTAD – May 20, 2024 – Recently, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) organized a presentation for members of the Parliament of Curaçao and Cabinet Pisas ministers, titled: Tourism Development 2023 and 2024. The main objective was to highlight the impact of the tourism industry as an important economic pillar for our island. During the presentation, a summary was provided of the statistics related to stayover tourism, airlift, and the activities that CTB is executing in both marketing and tourism product development. Opportunities and challenges for the coming years were also highlighted. The session was opened by the Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Ruisandro Cijntje, while from the CTB; Mr. Hugo Clarinda, Deputy Director, Mr. Muryad de Bruin, Counterpart Director, and Mrs. Christine Campagnard, Business Intelligence Manager, presented the information.

The presentation included details about the 5 main markets: the Netherlands, the United Stated, Canada, Colombia and Brazil. For each market, an overview was given of the average length of stay, accommodation choices, purpose of trip, spending behavior, and the age groups of visitors. Additionally, insights were provided regarding the increase in air connectivity, the current number of rooms Curaçao has, the room development projects for the coming years, and the marketing activities CTB is executing in the main markets.

In terms of tourism product development, information was shared on various projects, including the progress of the tourism for primary schools’ program, the awareness campaign ‘Kòrsou ta dushi’, training programs for tourism employees and jobseekers, development projects e.g. the Marie Pampoen and Zakito recreational areas, and the strategy being implemented for cruise tourism.

To conclude, CTB thanked all the parliament members, Ministers, and ministry representatives for their presence. They contributed to the session by asking questions and giving suggestions for the benefit of Curaçao’s tourism. CTB continues its efforts to work together with public and private sector partners to promote our island as the number one tourist destination in the Caribbean.

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