The Curaçao Tourist Board launches “Kòrsou ta dushi i limpi” awareness campaign

September 15, 2021

WILLEMSTAD- September 14, 2021 – In a pleasant atmosphere at the Marie Pampoen Recreational Area, the Curaçao Tourist Board(CTB) launched its “Kòrsou ta dushi i limpi” (Curaçao is “Dushi” and Clean) awareness campaign. A clean Curaçao is within reach, as long as we all do our part. Indeed, it is everyone’s responsibility, which is why the campaign was launched with the slogan: “Together, we will keep Curaçao clean!”

During the event, Minister of Economic Development, Ms. Ruthmilda Larmonie–Cecilia, elaborated on the importance of a clean environment on Curaçao, both for us as the island’s inhabitants and for tourists who choose to visit the island. Deputy Director of the CTB, Mr. Hugo Clarinda, spoke about the cleanup efforts which are also part of the campaign, focusing on roundabouts, plazas, and public and tourist areas. The cleanup efforts are carried out in close collaboration with Selikor, the Ministry of Health, the Environment and Nature/ LVV and the Public Works Department (DOW).

Phase 1 of the Curaçao is Dushi and Clean campaign includes a video clip, inspiring TV ads, a jingle and ads offering tips, all aimed at motivating the community to keep the island clean. The jingle was composed by Xavier Navarro and performed by Amos Balentin and Dibo Doran. The video clip and TV ads were directed by Ryan “QD” Navarro, while the voiceover was handled by Jefterick Luciano. The first three inspiring TV ads feature Uniek Curaçao’s Clarita Pieter-Hagenaar, Frengely “Frengo” Hooi of Selikor and Remyson Caldera of GreenKidz. More TV ads and informational videos will be produced in the coming months, all with the aim of motivating our population to keep Curaçao clean.

For more information on this campaign, please visit the Kòrsou ta dushi page on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s make it a dushi and clean Curaçao. Together, we can do it!

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