Virtual Happy Hour Giving the Dutch Market a Taste of Curaçao

May 13, 2020

WILLEMSTAD- May 13, 2020 –  The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently organized a virtual Happy Hour to provide the Dutch market with a taste of Curaçao right in their living room, kitchen, garden, porch or wherever there may have found themselves at the time of the streaming. The idea behind the virtual Happy Hour was to allow our fans to experience Curaçao in anticipation of a future trip. The second edition will take place this Friday May 15th, this time to allow all our friends in the North American, South American and the Caribbean market to get a taste of dushi Curaçao.

The effects of COVID-19 worldwide are felt by everyone and, as a destination, we want our followers to know that they are still on our minds. While promoting the Happy Hour, the CTB shared on its online platform tips and recipes for local snacks and cocktails that are traditionally served at Happy Hours on the island, to start getting the fans in the mood.

A lineup of DJs from several popular Happy Hour locations on the island was made for the event. Each DJ delivered a 30-minute set, taking followers on a virtual trip. This made for an awesome Happy Hour with DJ Thomas of Zanzibar, DJ Alain of Mambo Beach Blvd./Cabana, DJ John of Kokomo Beach and DJ Martin of Miles Jazz Café, bringing the true Curaçao ambiance to their homes. The Dushi Island Vibes Happy Hour was broadcast live from the studios of Dolfijn FM, with views of Mambo Beach.

To spur on future bookings, the CTB gave away two trips to Curaçao—one during and one after the promotional activities leading to the event. For both raffles, participants were asked to transform their personal area into a tropical hot spot that would fit right in with the Dushi Island Vibes Happy Hour atmosphere—Those who did were eligible to win the trip. The Dushi Island Vibes Happy Hour reached 8,000 views and got over 200 comments. The CTB wishes to thank its partners: Dolfijn FM, Jan Thiel Beach, Mambo Beach Blvd, Kokomo Beach and Miles Jazz Café. To experience the second edition of the Dushi Island Vibes Happy Hour, join us this Friday May 15th from 5:00PM – 7:00PM (Curaçao time) on

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