“Kòrsou ta Dushi” Participating in 2018 Carnival Parades

February 5, 2018

WILLEMSTAD- February 2, 2018 – This year, the Curaçao Tourist Board’s (CTB) awareness campaign: “Kòrsou ta dushi. Bib’é. Stim’é!” (Curaçao is “dushi.” Live it. Love it!) will be part of the Carnival 2018 activities. “Kòrsou ta Dushi” is an awareness campaign launched by the CTB last year with the aim to highlight what a privilege it is to live in Curaçao, and draw attention to the island’s many wonderful aspects.

Each of the 2018 Carnival parades will feature a “Kòrsou ta Dushi” road piece heading it, as well as a trailer displaying the “Kòrsou ta Dushi” theme and accompanied by a promo team handing out campaign stickers. Visit the Facebook page and the korsoutadushi.com website to learn more about this campaign. Carnival 2018; Curaçao is “dushi.” Live it. Love it!

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