Curaçao is “dushi.” Live it. Love it.

September 26, 2017

WILLEMSTAD- September 26, 2017 – Curaçao is “dushi.” Live it. Love it. That is the new awareness campaign launched by the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) on September 24 of this year. The campaign’s objective is to make Curaçaoans more keenly aware of what a privilege it is to live in Curaçao and be part of the Curaçao community. The campaign targets the community as a whole and aims to make people on the island feel more proud of their culture, nature and history. This inspiring campaign—Curaçao is “Dushi.” Live it. Love it—was launched by the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina.

Those who live on the island sometimes fail to see how much Curaçao has to offer, also to them as locals. How many actually visit local tourist attractions and get acquainted with what their country has to offer or know how many different beaches can be found on the island? This campaign hopes to bring back to mind or make locals aware of all that the country has to offer. The focus will be on knowing, caring for and paying attention to yourself, your neighborhood and your country—dushi Curaçao.

The different elements of the campaign will illustrate the Curaçaoan people’s authenticity through one sample family. The campaign includes a number of messages aimed at inspiring the community to become better people and to love their country, such as by loving each other and showing it, inspiring future leaders, loving the local neighborhood, safeguarding the island’s cultural heritage and showing respect for its flag. As part of the campaign, recognition plaques are handed out to some who have excelled in their respective area. At the campaign launch, these included Ms. Filomena ‘Elia’ Isenia and Dr. Dino Daal. Ms. Isenia has been educating the community on the value of its cultural heritage for 40 years, while Dr. Daal has been working at the CTB for 26 years. On April 6, 2017, Dr. Daal defended his thesis entitled: “Impact of Tourism on the Quality of Life of Residents,” thus graduating as Doctor in Business Administration.

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