CTB Organizes Second Social Media Workshop for the Private Sector

June 26, 2017

WILLEMSTAD – June 26, 2017 –The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently organized a second Social Media and Content Marketing workshop for its partners in the private sector, with the aim of raising awareness on the possibilities offered by online marketing. Attention was given, among other things, to ways of getting the most out of social-media platforms such as Facebook, and how to leverage a number of online tools to help stimulate the use of your products and services. This year’s workshop counted with 80 participants, including representatives of the hotel sector, restaurants, tourist attractions, the public sector and other tourism and social media actors. In his welcome address, the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina emphasized that if collectively we succeed in applying new ideas and technologies, Curaçao as a whole and each individual business will benefit.

The workshop was delivered by two facilitators, Mr. Mike Brown, founder of the Brainzooming Group, and Alex Greenwood of AGPR. The Brainzooming Group focuses on helping its clients to create strategic impact and achieve extraordinary results. AGPR specializes in the area of communication and marketing. The workshop consisted of three sessions. Mr. Brown, who was also present the year before, started the first session with an overview of the main items covered last year. Also covered was how to attract the ideal target group for each product. The second session elaborated on how to use Facebook effectively and efficiently for online marketing. The last session provided those in attendance with strategies they can use to recharge their online marketing efforts.

The CTB was extremely pleased to see the active participation of those present at the workshop and hopes that all in attendance will be able to make good use of the knowledge acquired, benefiting not only their own company but also the tourism industry as a whole.

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