World Tourism Day 2016

September 28, 2016

Tourism for all…
Willemstad – September 28, 2016 – World Tourism Day was recently celebrated at the CTB headquarters. This year, World Tourism Day highlights the theme ‘Tourism for all’. With this island-wide message, CTB wants to emphasize the importance of community participation in the tourism industry. All organizations that took part in the ‘Tourism for All’ awareness campaign and other industry partners joined for the gathering.

A total of 30 companies were part of this campaign; team members were invited to take a picture using an oversize frame with the ‘Tourism for all’ campaign illustrations. It was during the celebration gathering that each participating company received their photo as a keepsake. The celebration ceremony was accompanied with music and give away prizes.

CTB recently launched a billboard and a public bus – wrapped with the ‘Tourism for all’ awareness campaign images. Congratulations to all who’ve contributed to the tourism industry, one of the main pillars of Curaçao’s economy

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