1% more stay over arrivals in July 2016

September 20, 2016

Year to Date (January through July 2016 Arrivals)
WILLEMSTAD – September 20, 2016 -The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) reports an additional 3,728 visitors until July 2016. Altogether a total of 261,455 visitors were registered from January through July against 257,727 in the same period last year.The first seven months of the year 2016 is showing a 1% growth in stay over arrivals. This growth is mainly attributable to the performance of the European and Caribbean regions in the period from January through July of this year. The European market delivered the largest relative growth at 5% and the Caribbean region did well at 2%. The South American region decreased recording 7% less visitors. From the North American region a slight 1% decrease is recorded.

CTB and MEO utilizes the ‘Turistika Model’ to calculate the economic impact generated from the tourism industry. During the first seven months of 2016 a direct impact of $ 294.3 million US dollars is generated for the local economy. 51% of the total direct impact is generated from European visitors who are responsible for $ 149.5 million. The North American, South American and other regions generated respectively $ 66.1, $ 60.2 and $ 18.5 million US dollars.

July 2016 Arrivals
The main producing region, Europe, represents a significant 47% of all the visitors to Curaçao. The region provided a total of 17,367 stay over arrivals compared to the 17,183 recorded in July 2015. The geopolitical situation in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia has influenced the travel patterns in Europe considerably. In the beginning of the summer months there was a big shift of these travelers to Spain, Portugal, Ibiza, resulting in higher prices for these destinations; therefore we are seeing a growth from most European cities towards the Caribbean. The Netherlands recorded a slight decrease of 1% with 13,955 visitors in July 2016 compared to 14,159 in 2015. July, being the month where most families travel during the summer vacation period is always a good month from the Netherlands, however this decline was caused by the nice weather in the Netherlands. The German market is showing an increase of 9%. And from Belgium a 53% increase was registered. The increase from Belgium is the result of this geopolitical situation and the fact that TUI launched the Curaçao program by incorporating the train costs from Belgium to Schiphol in the airfare.

Stay over arrivals from North America increased slightly by 2% in July with a total of 5,675 visitors compared to the 5,583 visitor arrivals in July 2015. The United States recorded an increase in arrivals of 7%, while Canada recorded 29% decrease compared to July 2015. This decrease was caused by a weak Canadian dollar and the fact that this July had only 4 flights compared to 5 last year. Presently, in accordance with the strategic recommendations of the Tourism Master Plan 2015-2020, a short term as well as longer term plan is being developed by the tourism sector. Certainly, a main objective is to accelerate tourism growth out of the North American region, in particular the US market.

The South American market decreased by 6% in July 2016, with a total of 8,628 stay over arrivals compared to 9,177 in 2015. Venezuela continues to be a volatile market, thus recording a 16% decrease, while Colombia registered a slight decrease of 2% in July. Brazil registered an increase for the third consecutive month. The arrivals recorded show an increase of 19%.

The Caribbean region recorded a decrease of 4%visitors in July 2016. In total 3,423 Caribbean visitors are registered this year.

In terms of visitor nights a neutral performance of 0% is registered in July 2016. A total of 331,392 nights are registered in July 2016. The European region holds 64% share of all visitor nights in July. From Europe a total of 212,909 nights are counted. The North American and Caribbean regions recorded respectively 2% and 4% more visitor nights compared to July 2015.

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