Chef Broertje Marshall is presented with the Dushi Hende Award

August 2, 2016

Willemstad – August 2, 2016– Charlwin ‘Broertje’ Marshall recently won a gold medal in a culinary competition in Bolivia. Chef Broertje Marshall is a well-known and beloved chef on the island and has extensive experience in the culinary world. He competes at least three times a year in an international culinary competition. This year he competed in Bolivia in the Ame Tauná culinary event against 29 other chefs from North and South America, the Caribbean and Europe; he won the gold medal for best dish and best presentation.

The Ame Tauná is a very important gastronomic event that annually appeals to only the best chefs around the world. This is a great promotional platform; CTB is very proud of Chef Broertje Marshall’s presentation. He always represents and promotes Curaçao in every competition, by making his personal achievement, an achievement that is celebrated island wide. This for sure is one of the characteristics of a ‘Dushi Hende’. The way Chef Broertje Marshall promotes Curaçao, its culture and tourism is something to be very proud of.

For this special reason CTB hosted a ‘meet & greet’ at the Academy Hotel Curaçao where Chef Broertje Marshall prepared his award winning dish and a delicious dessert ‘Guava Curaçao’ for all invitees and press. During this ‘meet & greet, Chef Broertje Marshall interacted with the students of Academy Hotel Curaçao and gave them valuable tips and motivated them to continue with their studies. At the end, Minister of Economic Development Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath, Minister of Government, Policy, Planning, and Services Mr. Etienne van der Horst and Minister of Education, Science, Culture & Sport Mrs. Irene Dick presented Chef Broertje Marshall with the Dushi Hende Award. This recognition serves as an example and inspiration for him to continue doing a good job and being a culinary ambassador for the island. CTB will continue supporting Chef Broertje Marshall in his effort to promote Curaçao. This month, Chef Broertje Marshall will join the CTB at the ‘Sabor Barranquilla’ event in Colombia promoting our local cuisine.

Below a complete list of Chef Broertje Marshall’s achievements:
2005: Gold Cacique Internacional – “La Excelencia Profesional”
2012: Copa culinaria de Las Américas / Trujillo – Perú. “Medalla di plata”
2012: Piura – pasión por la cocina – Perú
2012: Cocineros sin fronteras ‘Honra de Mérito-Encuentro Gastronómico’ / Lima – Peru
2012: Gold Medal -Cumbre Chiclayo
2012: Gold Medal – Gastronómico Internacional / Loja – Ecuador
2013: Gold Bach – AregalaIinternacional /Chiclayo – Perú
2013: Gold Plate – Gastrofest / Bursa-Instanbul -Turkia
2013: Marmer plate – Executive Chef’s Club of “Greece” Honorary Award / Turkia
2014: Gold Medal – Encuentro Internacional Buenos Aires / Argentina
2014: Gold Medal – Seminario Internacional de Gastronomia / Buenos Aires – Argentina
2015: Gold Medal “Aregala” Gastronómicos de Las Américas / Lima – Perú
2015: Gold Medal Cocinando en las alturas la paz/Bolivia
2015: Gold Medal Gastrónomos de Bolivia Internacional
2015: Fraternity Chefs Medal 4×4 Internacional
2016: Gold Medal – AmeTauná / Santa Cruz – Bolivia

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