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Curaçao welcomed altogether during the year 2021 418,337 tourist arrivals. It was until June 2021 that Curaçao welcomed cruise passengers again. The Curaçao Ports Authority recorded 146,213 cruise arrivals, while the Curaçao Tourist Board registered 265,000 stayover visitors who spent 2.8 million nights in Curaçao. Overall stayover visitors started slow in the first 5 months of the year. An increase was noticeable as of June 2021, especially from our main producing country The Netherlands. Curaçao registered recordbreaking number of visitors from Holland in combination with visitor arrivals from other main regions, resulting in a spectacular second half of the year. With these arrivals, the year 2021 achieved 57% of the pre pandemic arrivals of the 2019 year-round arrivals, when we welcomed 463,683 stayover visitors.

On average, the stayover visitors spent 10.8 nights per person in 2021. Smith Travel Research reported an average occupancy of 51% during this period accompanied by an average daily rate $163,36. The Ministry of Economic Development together with CTB calculated the total economic impact (direct + indirect) including cruise tourism at 827 million US $ in 2021 using the Turistika

Download the: Tourism Performance Report 2021